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15 Oct 2018

Miami Beach, FL (October 15, 2018) – In the United States there are stores that sell products at an affordable cost with the best quality. But, it is possible to shop in these stores online only if a person has a US Address. Here, people from any part of the world interested in buying from the United States can get the best help from Shipping GO LLC. They help customers to buy goods from the US stores with a US address and ship the products to their home country.

Shipping GO LLC has been offering this service for long. However, now the professional service provider has released a new version of the Cloud Logistics Dashboard. This service is available for all customers, who have an account with Shipping Go LLC.

Customers from any...

09 Oct 2018

ShenZhen, China (October 09, 2018) – When some people think that the flashlight that they get in their mobile phones are enough, some know that the original LED Flashlight that was created with quality as the first priority will go a long way. So, for them, Tank007 Lighting INC. manufactures the best flashlights with the quality of the product as the utmost priority.

The good thing about this LED flashlight manufacturer is that they offer the rechargeable LED flashlight. It means that the customers are relieved of the hassle associated with changing the batteries of the flashlight then and there. They will continue to get the powerful LED illumination by recharging the light.

The company has the Quality Management System...

09 Oct 2018

China, (October 09, 2018) – The need for clean drinking water has risen as a serious cause of concern, something that packaged drinking water companies are trying to solve by making cheaper options available for all in the market. And helping these companies achieve their goal is Zhengjiagang based bottled water filling machine manufacturer, Sheenstar Technology Co. Ltd. that has put in appreciable efforts in the direction of designing productivity enhancing bottling and packing solutions.

Sheenstar Technology Co. Ltd. has years of experience in the world of manufacturing technologically superior bottling and packing equipments that stand out in terms of efficiency and quality. The company currently has an exhaustive list of clients...

06 Oct 2018

(October 06, 2018) - PDF Pro Quality Dance Pole is a necessity for many dancers who are into pole dancing, and wish to set it up at home for practicing the art to perfection. has some of the best dance poles for home use on offer for customers. These poles are superior in build and crafted with perfection to ensure that users can carry on training for long without any risks of breakage.

Customers can choose from a very wide range of pole dancing poles that are on offer here. These include the infamous PDF Pro Quality Dance Pole, XPert NX Model X Pole Portable Removable chrome dance pole for home, x-pole-xpert- stainless steel portable removable dance pole, Pink Or Black Powder Coated X Pole XPert Dance Pole Kit,...

06 Oct 2018

(October 06, 2018) - High quality grip gloves ensure that there is no losing of grip during activities that cause sweating. has superior pole dance grip gloves that allow ease while pole dancing, aerial dance and other aerial arts such as Pole Hoops, Hoop, Silks and Lyra. There are two types of gloves on offer for customers – one with tacky surface and another with non-tacky surface.

The gloves from can be used for a wide variety of fitness activities such as crossfit, weight lifting, yoga or in any other activity where a solid grip is needed. These are excellent workout gloves that can help beginners to perform pole fitness dances more easily and move up to expert levels. There are no...

06 Oct 2018

(October 06, 2018) - Mr. Faraz Siddiqui (left), the E-Commerce Director, Marketplace, of Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare Manufacturing (Thailand) CO., LTD. and Mr. Siwakorn Siriwongpanupong (right) Business Development Division Chief, Shopee (Thailand) CO. LTD. have joined hands organizing the ‘Super Brand Day’ event, offering up-to-70% discounts on products from 10 famous brands, including Enfagrow, Durex, Dettol, Veet, Scholl, Finish, Vanish, Airwick, Shieldtox and Brasso. The promotion also includes 10% cashback, with 11,290-baht iPad giveaways for big spenders. The campaign, which will be held under the theme ‘Healthier Lives, Happier Homes’ caters shoppers in the digital era.

The ‘Super Brand Day Details’ campaign on...

05 Oct 2018

Los Angeles, CA (October 05, 2018) – When stars, producers and artists come together, the real musical magic happens. This is what music enthusiasts are going to experience when they listen to “BOOMTOWN”. On the 8th of October 2018, the Los Angeles-based music producer Two Seven Clash and the couple of Trinidad Vocal Artists Stef Kalloo and Braveboy are all set to bring the latest in the movement of international culture and music collaboration.

Boomtown is going to be a crossover dancehall pop track. Associated with a spectacular cinematographic video showcasing and capturing the exhilarating adventure of the two Trini Artists traveling around the backdrop of the Los Angeles, this song is going to be a complete package. It is...

05 Oct 2018

Zhejiang Province, China, (October 05, 2018) - Huangyan Lifu Plastic Houseware Factory is a top manufacturer of household plastic products and commodities. It mainly caters to clients in USA, Australia, Europe, Middle East, Singapore, Japan and South America. Since its inception, it has served thousands of clients and satisfied their expectations.

The company manufactures thousands of household and housewares products made of plastic. These include cosmetic storage boxes, lunch boxes, water bottle and clothespeg. Huangyan Lifu Plastic Houseware Factory also specializes in making strong plastic storage baskets. Fruit plates, garbage cans, dirty clothes baskets and cosmetics collection boxes are some other important household commodities...

05 Oct 2018

Shanghai, China, (October 05, 2018) - Shanghai ShineGene Molecular Bio-Technologies, Inc, a top bio-tech agency in China, serves labs, companies, institutes and more, and offers services such as Primer Design, Fluorogenic Probe Design, Real Time PCR (qPCR), Custom siRNA Construction and Custom Gene Synthesis. The company also offers superior Protein Expression assistance for E. coli.

E. coli or Escherichia coli is a bacterium species that is generally available in the gut of humans as well as various other animals. The bacterium is pathogenic at times, and can be a risk for food safety. The E. coli Protein is different, and can be used for research and development processes.

The E. coli Protein Expression and Purification service from...

05 Oct 2018

Shanghai, China, (October 05, 2018) - A reputed bio-firm based in China, Shanghai ShineGene Molecular Bio-Technologies, Inc offers high quality Gene Synthesis services, and delivers genes to customers within a reasonable time frame. Its consults customers about the new time frame before starting the synthesis of genes.

The company serves life science community across the globe, including laboratory center, Hospital, Institute, Company and University. Research and development (R&D) happen to be a constant process in ShineGene. Technical staffs send progress reports to customers regarding the synthesis every weekend through email. Shanghai ShineGene Molecular Bio-Technologies, Inc undertakes some ODM or OEM orders and also production...